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Assessment at St Matthew's

Thank you to all those parents who attended our 'Assessment' information sessions (morning, afternoon or evening session), in autumn 2016.

We were pleased with your feedback and hope you enjoyed it - despite the topic being complicated!


If you need further information (or perhaps you weren't able to come), then we have provided some resources here, which we hope may help you.


The first attachment is the PowerPoint presentation, which provided the basis for our discussions. Sometimes, reading things again can help us to understand the content more deeply, and we hope that this may help.


If you want to know more about why NATIONAL CURRICULUM LEVELS were removed by the government, there is a link here to a really useful explanation on Youtube, by assessment 'expert' Tim Oates. It's a bit 'dry' to watch, but the content is really important - watch the first 6 minutes for all you need to know....Copy and paste this link into your browser ....  

St Matthew's - Curriculum and Assessment Information for Parents - Autumn 2016

SATs are Standard Assessment Tests

They are:-

  • a snapshot of how your child performs on a particular occasion
  • only assessing certain aspects of a subject
  • marked against specific criteria
  • a ‘summing up’ of a child’s progress at the end of a key stage


Teacher Assessment

  • Is on going from entry in school
  • Covers all aspects of the curriculum
  • Informs our teaching and planning of future activities
  • Informs us about your child’s understanding
  • Takes different forms (talking about work, marking work, observing children carrying out activities)
  • Is matched to ‘Age Related Expectations’  set by the DfE


When are the tests in 2017?

Key Stage 1: throughout May and June


Key Stage 2:  Monday 8th May – Thursday 11th May


Children should not go on holiday during these periods, or leading up to the tests.


Children in Year 2 and will be tested in English (reading & writing) & maths) and children in Year 6 will be tested in English (reading, writing, grammar & spelling) and in maths.


PLEASE REMEMBER …All children are individual! 


What we should celebrate, as parents and as teachers, is that each individual child has made progress – not necessarily focus on the level a child has attained.



(your own or someone else’s!)


Great Websites!


  1. BBC Bitesize Revision
  2. SATs Tests Online
  3. Moon Maths for Tables Practice
  4. class pages or Kids’ Zone


Helping at Home

  1. Do not put undue pressure on your child.
  2. Support with homework and targets discussed at Parents’ Evening.
  3. Read regularly and discuss a variety of texts – not just ‘listening’ to your child read.
  4. Short bursts of mental maths, times tables and problem solving etc
  5. Please! DO NOT use the previous test papers as we use them in school as assessment and practice for the children and using the same papers at home makes it difficult for us to prepare the children adequately.



We recommend:-


Early nights

Lots of sleep

Good attendance

Good punctuality

A good breakfast