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In order for children to reap the full benefits of what our school has to offer them, high levels of attendance and punctuality are essential and important for children to ensure continuity of learning, establish a good work ethic and promote a sense of responsibility and a serious commitment to school.



We expect our attendance rate to be 97.56% or higher, reflecting as it does a full commitment to all aspects of school life and an eagerness to learn.  Absence should be for one of the following causes:

  • Sickness;
  • Medical appointments;
  • External exams or visits to new schools;
  • Exceptional personal reasons such as a death in the family;
  • Family holidays for exceptional reasons, to a maximum of 10 days in a school year, for which permission should be sought from the Headteacher.

For all absence parents must contact school in advance or on the morning of the absence.


If a child is absent from school for any reason, parents should contact school on the first day to explain the reason.

The child will be entered as absent in the class register, with the reason indicated in accordance with the register codes.

If no reason has been given, the absence will be left blank pending a letter or other contact from home.

Failure to provide a reason will result in the absence being marked as unauthorised.

Each child’s attendance record will be recorded in the end-of-year report.

If a child’s attendance record over a period of several terms gives cause for concern (i.e. below 90%), the parents will be contacted to discuss the matter.



Punctuality ensures an organised start to the day, notably in completing registration and it facilitates the efficient use of teaching and learning time, unhindered by late arrivals and delayed starts.


All children are expected to be in school by 9.00 am, but should not be on the school grounds before 8.45 am without an adult in attendance.  The school doors will be open from 8.45 am to allow children a phased start in which to arrive, leave coats and bags in the cloakroom and settle into the classroom ready for registration.

Children will be registered as late if they arrive after the register has been taken.


In the event of a child being recorded late three or more times in a half-term, parents will be contacted to request their cooperation in ensuring the problem does not persist.

If the problem is not thus resolved, a formal letter will be sent to the parents stressing the concern and the need for immediate remedial action.

Further lateness in the same period will result in the parents being contacted and the concern being noted on the child’s school record.


To ensure prompt starts to the day parents should avoid initiating lengthy conversations with staff before or during registration.  Should a detailed discussion be necessary, parents should make an appointment to meet the class teacher at a more convenient time.


One of the main aims in the school’s mission statement is to educate for life and for true citizenship.  Consistent adherence to the content of this policy will ensure that our children become responsible, reliable individuals well equipped for the world of work that awaits them beyond school.


Guidance on Infection Control in Schools