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NSPCC say ...


All children have the right to…


Speak out, be safe and get help when they need it...  “Speak out, stay safe”.


If you have worries or concerns you should talk to a trusted grown up. Trusted adults include teachers, any staff at school, after school club leaders, sports coaches, parents, siblings and other family members.


If you have a friend that has worries or concerns encourage them to talk to a trusted adult.



We all have a right to speak out and stay safe.”

“Keep speaking out until something changes.”

“Abuse is never a child’s fault.”


To contact Childline – phone 0800 11 11

  • You can phone them 24hrs a day,
  • Childline is open every day
  • It is free to call
  • It won’t show up on your phone bill so nobody will know you have called
  • You can talk online or on the phone
  • Your call is confidential
  • No problems are too big or too small