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The Book Fair is in school this week ... Please call in and see the interesting books that are on sale ... and encourage your children to read at home! Thank you all so much for your donations to Children in Need we raised a magnificent £390.37 through your the sale of wristbands and your donations.

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Sandymoor visit blog by Holly, Ben and Anna.

Week 1


Today we climbed on to a mini bus to go to Sandymoor School for a computing lesson. Our teacher was Mr Kerr. We logged on to the computers and then learnt what HTML stands for- Hypertext Markup Language. We then visited a website all about kittens and wrote codes to save the kittens. It was so much fun. We loved it! smiley

Sandymoor week 2 and 3

Sandymoor blog by Ruby and Katie D.


17th March


Today we travelled to Sandymoor again to have our Computing lesson. We are using HTML to create a website about us. We know how to create a title, heading, paragraphs, change the font colour and change the background. You need to remember to use the correct tags when coding using HTML. For example: <p> is the opening tag for a new paragraph and </p> is the closing tag. <b> and </b> make your writing BOLD.


It is really fun and we look forward to showing everyone our website at the end of this unit. 

Sandymoor Week 5


This week we have learnt how to add hyperlinks and images to our website. It was brilliant!

Week 5 video blog

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