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The Book Fair is coming to school next week ... Please call in and see the interesting books that are on sale ... and encourage your children to read at home! Thank you all so much for your donations to Children in Need we raised a magnificent £390.37 through your the sale of wristbands and your donations.

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Year 2

Our class assembly

Our class assembly 1
Our class assembly 2
Our class assembly 3
Our class assembly 4
Our class assembly 5
Our class assembly 6
Our class assembly 7
Our class assembly 8
Our class assembly 9
Our class assembly 10
Our class assembly 11
Our class assembly 12
Our class assembly 13
Our class assembly 14
Our class assembly 15
Our class assembly 16
Our class assembly 17
Our class assembly 18
Our class assembly 19
Our class assembly 20
Our class assembly 21
Our class assembly 22
Our class assembly 23
Our class assembly 24
Our class assembly 25
Our class assembly 26
Our class assembly 27
Our class assembly 28
Our class assembly 29
Our class assembly 30
Our class assembly 31
Our class assembly 32
Our class assembly 33
Our class assembly 34
Our class assembly 35

Summer Term 2017


Welcome Class 2 smiley


We hope you are excited for your last term in the infants and in Class 2. We've got lots of work to do to get you ready for becoming juniors.

Anti Bullying Week

We made friendship hands - with words of friendship and kindness

We made friendship hands - with words of friendship and kindness 1
We made friendship hands - with words of friendship and kindness 2

Welcome to Class 2.

Welcome back to the spring term in school. 

Mrs Platt, Mrs Pawson and I are looking forward to teaching you this term. We have lots of exciting topics ahead of us this term. 



I will be teaching you every Monday-Thursday this year and Mrs Pawson will be teaching you every Friday. Mrs Platt will be here to support and help you every day.


Home/School Diaries

Your Home/School Diary can be used to write  messages and record your daily reading, both at home and in school.  If you have a message for us to read then please put your diary  on my desk as you come into school in the morning. 

Please ask the adult who reads with you at home to initial and record the book and page number you have read up to in the Reading section of your diary. If you finish your reading book at home please make sure that an adult has signed your diary so that you can change and record your new book by yourself the next day. We will of course, direct and support you when choosing a new book.


Lunch and snack money

Snack time, lunchtime and play times are the same in Class 2 as they were in Class 1. Please make sure that you have  your money in a labelled purse or envelope every day. You can either put your money in your drawer or the 'Purse Box' every day. Please put your lunch box on the lunch box trolley in the Year 2 cloakroom if you are having your own lunch.

PE kits can be left in school and we will send them home at the end of every half term. Please make sure that you have both indoor and outdoor PE kits with you this term.
We will be sending out a separate homework letter including all you need to know about topic, Literacy, maths and GAPs homework.
We hope that you are excited about our new year together and we are looking forward to being your new teachers. If there is anything at all that you, or your parents are worried about then please come in and talk to us so that we can sort it out for you.
We are going to have a great time.
Mrs Williams, Mrs Pawson and Mrs Platt.

Class Value

Our class value is LOVE.  Our class value is part of everyday life in Class 2. We show love by being kind and respectful, by being friends, sharing, looking after each other and caring for our school community and the people in it.

Our Class Value is Love

Our Class Value is Love 1
Our Class Value is Love 2
Our Class Value is Love 3
Our Class Value is Love 4
Our Class Value is Love 5
Our Class Value is Love 6
Our Class Value is Love 7